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Precision Machined Pens.

Sleek & Stylish.

Precisely Luke4deals.


Solid Brass Pen Full View2_edited.jpg

Our pen features a unique knurled diamond finish with heft and style for a smooth and well-balanced writing experience.

Solid Brass Pen Full View_edited.jpg


Luke4deals Solid Brass Pen



Luke4deals Stainless Steel Pen


It comes with 3 solid pieces that are easy to assemble without any moving parts. It also includes one Pilot G2 refill and compatible with many other standard size refills to suit your writing style.


Nicely  threaded on both ends to hold the cap for a smooth and well-balanced writing experience.

Stainless Steel.png

Luke4deals Pen is machined for your everyday use with heft, premium feel in hand, increased durability and one of the better pocket -friendly pens. A timeless and classic piece to add to your pen collection. Sleek and Stylish. Precisely Luke4deals.


Precision machined in the USA.

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